"It is a big surprise that 20 percent of people with health insurance can't afford to have the cancer therapy they need to save their lives," said John Seffrin of the American Cancer Society.


During these uncertain economic times, we are facing a crisis one that makes access to healthcare physically and emotionally challenging. Please help cancer patients get the treatment they deserve.


The Cancer Patient Relief Fund , Inc. operates exclusively as a charitable organization dedicated to assistance and support of people suffering with cancer, and their families, through financial aid.


The Cancer Patient Relief Fund is a 501c3 organization. In short, a diagnosis of cancer creates an immediate medical and emotional crisis while also creating a financial crisis for many families. We are here to help



Many people with Cancer can live longer lives. If diagnosed early there are lots of treatment for Cancer that have saved many lives. Unfotunetly in todays economy and lack of finances or health care coverage people find out to late.

The Cancer Patient Relief Fund was created to stop unnecesary death of cancer patients due to lack of finances. We believe everyone should be treated with cancer. Our main goal is to get more people to screen early and stop the cancer with early treatments.

More people would get screened and see a specialist if they knew finaces were not going to be an objection. A new study shows more than two million cancer patients in the U.S. Are forced to put off medical treatment every year because they can't afford itSo please help The Cancer Patient Relief Fund Pay for the medical expenses of Cancer patients that can't afford too. You may just be saving someone's life.

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