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Formed by Mike Speight, S&S is a Montreal based group with strong ties in the Los Angeles, California area. Their original brand of popular rock has both fans and insiders alike singing their praises as they sing along to their cool choruses and memorable melodies.

The first CD, Safe & Sound, was produced by Mike Speight, mixed by Tao-Nhan Nguyen of FM Radio Gods, and mastered by Gavin Lurssen at Lurssen Mastering in Los Angeles. It consists of fourteen songs, at least five or six of which are suitable for release and radio airplay, and others, which offer an almost visual tapestry within the recorded audio files. Opening up the CD jacket, or here at the S&S website, one can read along with the song lyrics as Mike's cool voice takes us on a journey from the first song to the last, and then back again as most people who hear it once want to hear it again.

Manufactured at Groovehouse Records in Hollywood, the advance copies of Safe & Sound are 'testing' very well with a wide appeal that seems pleasing to both younger and older music lovers alike. As stated by Gavin, the songs have an 'organic feel' to them which will undoubtedly have wide appeal. And, as stated by Tao, they are simply 'really nice songs' that people will want to hear. Songs such as 'Second Chance', 'As The Man That I Am', and 'Don't Say No' are getting immediate, and overwhelmingly, positive reviews and comments from all who hear them, yet people are not skipping over the other songs in between. Most say that they put the CD on and just let it play.

As a fixture on the Montreal music scene since the 1990's, Mike has helmed such groups as Milestone and, more notably, Loch Ness. Now settled into his role at the helm, once again, of S&S , this prolific artist has finally found the right channel in which to apply his creative trade. As he did with Loch Ness, Mike wears the hat of Producer/songwriter, as well as that of singer, and musician. However, with S&S , the "hats" seem to be a better fit that are less constrictive and worn with more ease. All of which has a significantly positive impact on the music being produced.

The musicians that Mike has teamed up with to create the S&S sound have also had a positive impact on the music. Most notably guitarist J.P. Lessard, one of Montreal's premiere session players who has played with many noted musicians, both on stage, and in the studio. Always on the lookout for the 'right' opportunity J.P. was immediately ready, and willing, to join S&S, applying his 'trademarked' sound to this first CD, Safe & Sound. When people hear his guitar solo in the closing track 'King For A Day' they know that there is more to come from this group, and it's guitarist nicknamed 'Mr. One Take', a nickname given to him, against his wishes of course, by the astonished musicians seeing him, at times very often, lay down his amazing guitar parts in one single studio take!

While on the subject of 'more to come' it should be noted here that another S&S CD is currently in production and is meant follow hot on the heels of Safe & Sound. The early mixes sound very exciting, and everyone involved can hardly wait for this next one to hit the airwaves as well. And, as with Safe & Sound, it is bound to please music lovers everywhere.

- Clark Shaw

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