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Stack Widget

A Stack widget is an area (rectangular) that you place on your page and that allows that area of your page to change content - like a book where you are able to flip through the pages and read different content, but the book is the same book.

Stacks are useful because they allow you to quickly and efficiently create an entire website on just one page. Items placed outside of the stack will remain stationary on the page and will never change, however items placed inside the stack will change as layers of the stack change. Items placed inside of the stack on layer #2 will only display when that specific layer is accessed, for example.

While in the design Editor you are able to change the layers of a stack by using the left and right arrow keys seen to the left and right of the Stack Title when the stack is selected on your page. The stack can also be navigated by connecting it to a Menu Widget and then using the menu buttons. By default the stack will have only 3 layers, however you are able to add or delete as many as you wish using the stack Settings.

Quick Tutorial on Stacks:
  1. Open a blank page in the Editor and select the Stack Widget to place a Stack on your page.
  2. Select the Menu Widget to place it on your page, and click the Menu's Settings icon to connect it to the Stack. Do NOT place the Menu into the stack, it should remain outside of the stack's area.
  3. Select your Stack title from the list, and connect the menu to the stack.
  4. Double click the stack to open the Settings menu. Select 'Add Layer' to add more buttons to the Menu, or 'Delete Layer' to delete the Menu buttons. Re-order the stack layers to reorder the menu buttons.
  5. Place an item - for example, an Image - into the stack by selecting the Image widget and then dragging it into the stack. This image will now display only on this layer of the stack.
  6. Change layers of the stack by clicking a new menu button. Now, place another item onto that layer of the Stack - for example, a second image widget.
  7. Each individual image will appear only when it's respective menu button is clicked. Items left outside of the stack (like the menu) will never change as the layers of the stack change.

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