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Cubender was designed to be easy and intuitive yet flexible. This section will guide you through the basics of customizing your website. Remember, you have complete control over the style of every element so get ready to be creative!
The Cubender Editor

1. Basic Operations

Cubender is a drag and drop platform. This means that every element can be moved into place by dragging it with your mouse. When you first enter the Cubender Editor, you will see your website exactly how it will appear to... read more

2. Design Panel

The Design Panel allows you to control the look and function of every element on your page. That includes style options like color, borders, backgrounds and shadows. This also includes animation options, linking and... read more

3. Adding Elements

Add new elements such as an image or button to your page. From the top menu, simply drag an element onto your page. Once the element has been added, you can now customize the look.... read more

4. Preferences

The Cubender Editor has a preferences panel where you can adjust some basic options. Opening the Preferences Panel From the top menu bar, click the gear icon. The preferences menu will slide out. Snapping When... read more

5. Responsive Views

The Cubender Editor has four responsive views: Normal, Tablet (Landscape), Tablet (Portrait) and Mobile. From the responsive panel (shown above), clicking a responsive view will automatically reshape your site and show a... read more

6. Previewing

To preview your site in a new window, click the "Preview" icon from the top bar. Your site will launch in a new window, outside the editor, and appear exactly how it would if you were to publish on a... read more

7. Publishing

Once you've connected a domain to your account, publishing your website to the domain just one click away. Click the "Publish" icon and your website will instantly be visible to the... read more
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